Career Renewal has helped close to 1,000 people in their career esearch!

Testimonials from Recent Career Renewal Graduates



“Career Renewal’s process of linking job-seekers with advisors was very helpful in my search. In particular, the assistance in finding and assessing opportunities, and then the interview preparation I received through 1:1 coaching from my advisor, were incredibly helpful"

Senior Director, global packaging company



"The advisors at Career Renewal kept me on task in my last job search, offering candid resume and interviewing feedback, resulting in a fulfilling full-time offer."



"Career Renewal is a fabulous program to help people in all stages of a job search.  They have carrying, compassionate, knowledgeable and resourceful volunteers that help you through the process of looking for your next opportunity.  It does not matter what your current situation is, field that you are in or where you are in your career path, Career Renewal is available for everybody.  They did a fabulous job of helping guide me during my latest job search.”




"I received help from Career Renewal three times. The advisors helped me formulate job search strategy, review my resume, conduct mock interview, and negotiate job offers. The advisors I worked with are very experienced, helpful and kind."

CFO - a public company



"Career Renewal came to my rescue when I desperately needed help and a support system. I was astonished by the professionalism, wealth of knowledge,  and practical experience of the group when I was looking for a job, career change, and confidence boost. Career Renewal assigned me an advisor, who kept me on track with my job searching, made sure I did my homework and followed my goals, and helped me negotiate my salary. Because of Career Renewal, I was back on my feet and learned to know my worth. THANK YOU, Career Renewal."




"The Career Renewal team members I worked with supported my unique needs in transition, both with their own personal insight and leveraging their own networks.  Their assistance allowed me to validate a path forward through a career change, and confidently plot a course to a successful job search.
Many thanks to the generous Career Renewal team!"