Anne Jamieson September, 2019


Job Search @ Your Library with AtoZ Databases

Anne gave us a fascinating tour of the AtoZ Database as a valuable tool to use in your job search.  She showed us how to find out important information about companies, see job listings, and more with A to Z Databases, an online resource offered by the Deerfield Public Library! 

The AtoZ Database (pdf)


Lori Goldstein March, 2019

 Negotiating Job Offers, Rights at Hire & Fire and Paid Sick Leave

Lori is an employment lawyer with extensive experience in working with business owners, employers and employees.    

Receiving  a job offer is the highlight of a successful job search. But  negotiating the offer is an important phase of the search and it  requires planning. By being creative and requesting reasonable changes,  you’ll show the employer sophistication, professionalism, and confidence  by making reasonable requests. Lori  covered this important topic and  more.

Lori's Slides (pdf)


Skip Newman January, 2109


Job Search Preparedness

Skip  has an extensive background as a  senior executive who has helped hundreds of in-transition executives in  their job search process.

He focused on job search preparedness,  both from the 'paperwork' standpoint as well as networking tips,  LinkedIn usage, email accounts and etiquette, elevator pitches and other  related topics.  Many of the tips are opposite of what other 'experts'  recommend, but he fully explained his views so participants can  choose the best approach for their personal search.

To  either learn Skip's techniques for the first time or to review this  exciting presentation, please visit the link to see a presentation with  his valuable tips.