Jan Victor September, 2018

 Increase your EQ:  Land the Job

Jan demonstrated her extensive experience   specializing in leadership skills, emotional intelligence,  communication behaviors, organizational change, team building, and  executive coaching. Her energy, personality and facilitation style  engaged our participants and challenged them to think deeply and make  applications strategically. Her current work focuses on ethics,  expertise, and etiquette as the foundation for a healthy leadership  practice.  

EQ Presentation for Career Renewal (pdf)


Derek Deprey May, 2018


"Everyone Communicates, Few Connect:
     What the Most Effective People and Teams Do Differently"

Derek's  passion in life is to evoke excellence in every person at every level.   After a career of working in basketball operations at the collegiate  and professional levels, he empowers others both as a general manager at  a fitness club and as a leadership professor at a university.  Today,  he loves to inspire and influence others as a speaker and writer.  He is  the author of "SHIFT:  Move from Frustrated to Fulfilled."

Derek's  presentation gave our participants and advisors solid on-the-ground  advice on how to connect with others.  Through his "Four principles and  Four Practices", he outlined ways to help us all connect better.

Derek's Slides (pdf)


Kristina Phillips March, 2018


"Career Resource Center" 

Kristina  is Career Resource Center’s Executive Director.   She explained  services available to members including individual job coaching, group  workshop sessions, and one-on-one tutoring.  The remainder of the  session was dedicated to job seeker networking approaches.   Attendees explored different ways to network and how to balance personal and professional connections.  

About CRC: Since  1990, Career Resource Center's individualized counseling, career-skills  workshops, and informational resources have restored confidence and  accelerated the return to meaningful and productive career paths of  nearly 13,000 job candidates.  Clients come from Lake and Cook counties,  and span a range of disciplines, professions, experiences, and  compensation levels.

CRC Presentation (pdf)


Ron Moskal January, 2018

   "Tips for Working with an Executive Recruiter"

Searching  for a job is an exhaustive process, but you don't have to go through it  alone. You are likely to work with Executive Recruiters during the  process. How do you effectively work with them?  In this very popular  presentation, Ron "gave participants the answers" to many commonly asked  questions and provided ways to work effectively with recruiters. 

Ron's Presentation (pdf)