Anne Jamieson November, 2017

Using the Deerfield Public Library Resources for Career Advancement 

Anne is the Technology & Education  Librarian and is an expert on utilizing library resources.  She told of  the terrific resources that libraries can provide in your job search  process and in ways you can take advantage of library resources and  programs.

She  holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Hope College and a Master's  Degree in Library and Information Science from Dominican University.

Library Resources for Career Advancement (pdf)


Dennis Curtin May, 2017

Optimize Your Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems


When submitting your resume to target  companies it will most likely go into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)  which is software that reads your resume and ranks it according to  keywords.

A  recent study indicates that up to 75% of qualified job seeker  candidates are being eliminated because their resume did not follow the  ATS rules.

Dennis  is an experienced executive who gave a fascinating presentation on the  Do's and Don'ts  of presenting your resume in a format easily read by an  ATS.  He further gave concrete ways to insure that you place your best  foot forward when submitting your resume.

Christine Suva, M.S. CPC March, 2017

"Master Your Mindset for Successful Career Transition"

In  her powerful presentation, Christine helped us discover core elements  to navigate career transition successfully.   There are multitudes of  articles and books written about the outer process of career transition  such as writing effective resumes, interviewing tips and salary  negotiation.  Christine helped us learn concepts to help master the  inner process to improve results AND eliminate negative feelings about  transition.  She described ways people get in their own way and make  career transition far more difficult than necessary and and also  provided some tips to turn the tables!  Christine gave us thoughts on  making the process much less stressful and actually enjoyable!   Remember: Neglecting to master the inner process drastically affects  results!  

Christine's Presentation (pdf)


Catherine Morgan January, 2017


"Relaunch You:  Liftoff from Layoff"

Losing  your job can take a toll on your emotional and physical wellbeing.   There is a grieving process that most people go through after a layoff.   It is completely normal to experience anger and denial and  giddiness--and every other emotion.  You will definitely have good days  and bad days.

However, this is also a great  opportunity to step back and evaluate what you have done in the past,  and what you would like to do in the future.  It is a time to take  inventory of what worked, and what didn't work for you.  It is a time to  reconnect with your purpose and values.  It is a time to consider what  the right next step is.

This talk will explore:

   Constructive grieving and way to heal

   Techniques to uncover the information you need to determine your right next step

   How to keep yourself out of the emotional dips that come with unemployment

   How to stay focused and on track with your job search or launching a business.

Catherine's Presentation (pdf)