Brian LoVetere November, 2016

From Sewers to C-Suite: An Atypical Success Story

Brian gave us heartfelt and inspirational story of his background from  growing up dirt-poor to becoming an executive in a dynamic, growing  Chicago environmental company.  His aptly-named presentation "From  Sewers to C-Suite: An atypical Success Story" kept us all captivated.   Brian also shared some of his favorite words to live by including;  "Invest more time in yourself than your job."  "Decide who you are going  to be and what you need to do to make that happen." "Always be solving a  problem." and "Be persistent." 

Brian's Biography (pdf)


Brian's Presentation (pdf)


Jan Sugar September, 2016

 Telling Stories

Jan gave us a fascinating presentation on  the art and value of story telling. Through many examples and directed  remarks, she showed how stories "define us and connect us" to others.   Especially impactful was challenge to us and the exercise to create six-word stories to help define who we are.  Jan left us with several  meaningful thoughts:  "Practice. Practice. Practice new tools and  ideas.  You become what you practice" and "Failure is the grandfather of  success." 

Jan's Slides (pdf)