Richard Oberbruner September, 2015

Improv in Your Job Search

Richard gave a dynamic presentation on using Improv in the job search.   With wit and wisdom, he gave concrete examples of applying the five  elements of improv to the job search.   Through audience participation  activities he showed us how to "take your job search seriously but take  yourself lightly."   He gave us several practical answers and approaches  to the tough questions interviewers are asking in today's environment.  

Richard's Presentation (pdf)


Helen LaVan, PhD May, 2015

Keeping Your Resume Out of the Black Hole

Helen is a Professor of Management ad DePaul University, where she  teaches Human Resource Management and Life and Career Planning courses.  She has assisted in the development of hundreds of resumes, which have  led to multiple interviews for job seekers. She has also made numerous  presentations on resume development, assessments, interviewing, and job  search strategies for the unemployed. She is a licensed professional  counselor in the State of Illinois. 

Keeping your Resume Out of the Black Hole (pdf)


Robert F. Sherlock March, 2015

Finding the Company that Needs You

Robert is President of Marketwerks, a consulting firm that researches   markets and finds growth opportunities.  His talk "Finding the Company  that Needs you"  will help you conduct a self-assessment and use that  and information resources to identify companies that might need you. 

Robert's Presentation (pdf)


Rick Wescott January, 2015

The 90 Day Plan

Rick is a recent graduate of the Career Renewal program.  He recently  landed after a short search.  Rick shared with us his "90 Day Plan -The  Key to Getting an Offer"

Rick's Presentation (pdf)